February 4, 2023

An Ode To Cilantro


Who would have thought that one day I’d be at the grocery store, impulse buying a little cilantro plant in the produce section because of that one time we made enchiladas.  That little, innocent plant sat on my kitchen counter in front of the large west-facing window with a beautiful view of our new homestead, in the center of the beating heart of our loving home, soaking up the afternoon sun and the joy and excitement of our new lives here. 

It was so patient with me, that beautiful, lively cilantro.  It would tell me when it needed something in an overly dramatic display of droopy displeasure, but would always perk right up when it received what it required.  Dramatic, indeed, is how I’d characterize cilantro. 

To my delighted surprise, cilantro not only survived but thrived there on my sunny kitchen counter next to the sink, and over the weeks, putting up flower buds.  So many bolts!  Eventually, more space was needed for how tall the flower stalks were growing.  So, onto a plant stand in front of the still-west-facing sliding glass doors it went.

For such a lively and boisterous plant, the flowers were the tiniest dainty daisies I ever did see.  Of course, a specimen this dramatic would have a softer, more fragile side.  And did she ever bloom! 

I felt honored to witness her display of soft, gentle beauty and warmth-like liquid sunshine- as the snowy winter set in. And through the cold, she bloomed like a delicate and pure winter fairy queen.  Since there were no natural pollinators around for her, I gently dabbed each of her teeny, white flowers with a paint brush, painting each in love and grace, from one mother to another, that her children may live and grow and thrive.


I had nothing but hope over the weeks as no visible difference was noted, but I continued brushing each flower as it bloomed with the same brush, in the hopes that the will of the others could be passed on to the newer flowers, too.  Eventually, the tiny petals began to drop.  I held up hope that I was about to witness the swell of seeds. I was finally rewarded one chilly, January morning with the evidence I’d been wishing for.  The first blooms now bear healthy, green seed heads.  The legacy continues! 

Congratulations, cilantro, you will live on!  At least for one more step.  And when it’s time to take that step, we have the necessary soil and nutrients your little seeds will need to sprout and grow from the love and joy that was poured into you from the moment you landed on my kitchen counter, next to the sink, too flamboyantly obnoxious to die in the sometimes too scorching western NY sunshine. 

I pledge to you that I will endeavor to raise your little seedlings with as much love, joy and tenacity as you received while you were in my custody. 

And, yes, I’ll make sure they get outside to bask in the sun and sway in the breeze and enjoy their lives as best as they can.  Thank you for not giving up.  Thank you for blessing my life with your presence. I’m the richer for having known you.


Kalinah is a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, and founder of River Grove Wellness. She’s our new regular contributor here at Wildsom of the Wildwood.

Her website is www.RiverGroveWellness.com
Insta @RiverGroveWellness
Twitch www.twitch.tv/KalinahRGW

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  1. shewhoflutesincavesinnie

    Cilantro is one of my favourite herbs.. When people ask (seriously!! ???? :-D) me toname my favourite herb I’m hard pressed to select one.. but cilandro is definitely on my shortest of short lists. ???? How wonderful that you have such a wonderful realtionship with her. xxx


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