‘What do you mean, I have barely touched the truth of magic?’ she asked.

Catrin bared her teeth. ‘You think that marking the nodes of the year is the sum of magic? That living as a nun in a convent is the use of it? Even walking here – is that all there is to it?’

‘No.’ Morghan straightened. ‘No, that is not all there is to it. Magic is seeing and knowing the turning of the Wheel, of the worlds.’ She took a breath, and the air was cold, sharp in her lungs. ‘It is knowing who and what we are and living that knowing.’

Catrin inclined her head. ‘All true enough, but how deeply are you living that knowing?’ She pointed a finger at Morghan’s chest. ‘Even you, who has done so much, who has reached so far, does not go deeply enough.’


The Threading, Ch 9


Part One: Prayers & Offerings


Upon Going to a  New Place


My Lady!

I am here where you sent me!

Greetings to you, Rising Sun,

You who brings light and strength to the world.

Greetings to you, sea that laps this land that is new to me. You have travelled places I have never seen, been places I have never dreamed, and now here we are, on the edge of things together.

I greet you, land where I set my feet for the first time. We are strangers yet to each other, but I am already in awe of you.

Spirits of this land, I am honoured and grateful to share it with you!


Selena, Follow the Wind, Ch 14


Finding the Path


I am washed up on a land I do not know,

I am on the edge of an ocean I’ve never seen.

I am a stranger here, and yet I must follow the way.

Spirits of this ocean, of this land,

spirits of wind and sea and sky, I call to you.

Goddess of the lonely path, I call to you,

Queen of these lands, I call to you,

Let me answer the cry of my heart.

Let me answer the need of my path.

Show me the way forward, where to step;

be at my side.


Selena, Follow the Wind, Ch 16


Call to Elen


Hail Elen,

Hail Goddess of the Ways, of the lands of my home,

whose forest now grows in the Otherworld,

whose path wends through my heart!

Hail Elen, giver of gifts, forger of paths.

Be with me now,

As you are always.

Greetings to you, Bright Sun,

Giver of light and strength.

Greetings to you Wind of Silk,

whisperer of secrets, carrier of tales.

Greetings to you Deep Ocean, water of a million hearts.

Greetings to you, Wild Land, Stone, Soil,

who holds me steady when I would fail.


Selena, Follow the Wind, Ch 27


Call to the Goddesses


I turn my face to you, rising sun ,

and bid you welcome to my new day.

You bring the force of life to our world,

and I give you honour.


Hail my ancient goddesses,

Hail Elen, full of mystery and purpose.

Forger of paths,

you who holds your lantern above the darkest of hours,

I greet you in honour and gratitude.


Hail Brigid, you of the healing waters,

of the ancient oak, I greet you.

May your grace be with me today, as every day.

Today, as every day, world to world to world.


I am blessed along this way.

I am blessed along this way.


Selena & Rue, Follow the Wind, Ch 30


Prayer of the Pathway


I follow the path,

I follow your way through the flow of the worlds.

I go where I am needed;

I am guided by my heart, the trees of the Wildwood shade me,

the deep river of the Otherworld runs through my life,

I am friend of spirit and love and growth.

May I follow the path well,

May I sing the Wheel to turning,

May magic and blessing be in my fingers

And in my breath.


Selena, Follow the Wind, Ch 36


Prayer at the Altar


Prepare your altar, placing relevant objects according to the directions. For example: a bowl of water, rock, feather, candle.

Touch the bowl of water, set carefully in the western position, mark your forehead with it.

Spirits of the west,

Spirits of water. The great salmon who returns home against the current each year, bless me with your instinct.

Pick up your rock. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you may like earth to be north, rather than south. If so, then exchange rock for candle.

Spirits of the south,

Spirits of earth, the rock under my feet, spirit of hare who burrows into the soil to birth her family, bless me with your earthy groundedness.

Pick up your feather.

Spirits of the east,

Spirits of air, of the wind that rises with the dawn to trace secrets across the land, I ask you to whisper now to me.

Stand still for a moment, letting yourself fall open like a flower in bloom. Then, make your way around to the next point on your altar.

Light your candle.

Spirits of fire,

Spirits of the north, I conjure you and bid your blessing upon me. Great snake who basks in the heat of the sun, lend me your wisdom.

Here I am,

My Lady, here I am, letting my purpose flow.


Selena, The Otherworld, Ch 2







Prayers to the Elements



Four Element Blessing


Blessed am I, to carry the song of

Water in this world with me.

Blessed am I, to carry the song of

Wind with me.

Blessed am I to stand upon this

Ground, where the trees dig deep

Towards each other.

Blessed am I, to carry the spark

Of the world in me, to feel the fire

Of its passion.


Morghan, The Belonging, Ch34


Four Directions Blessing


I hold myself in honour to you,

Earth, sky, sea.

I walk in balance between you,

World to world to world.


Blessed water, blessed earth, air, & fire.

Spirits of the north, east, south, & west.

I greet you, in peace and blessing.

I am called to weave the world with you.

I am called to keep the weaving safe.

May we be in peace.


Erin, The Belonging, Ch 3