Follow The Wind (Selena Wilde Book 1) Ebook

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The flow of life’s purpose twists and turns.

Selena Wilde has been Lady of the Grove for many years, successfully keeping and passing on the knowledge, wisdom, and practices of the Ancient Way. She’s trained Morghan Wilde to take her place when the time comes and is living her life’s purpose with gratitude and joy.

Until, that is, the wind brings on its wings the cries of a child, and her dreams take her places she’d never expected to go. The message is clear – she is needed, there is someone – a child – who needs her to hear them and come to their aid.

A simple enough thing, perhaps, Selena thinks, but the call comes from far away and she must do the unthinkable – leave Wilde Grove. For the flow of her purpose must be followed wherever it leads.

Follow The Wind is the first book in the Selena Wilde series. It is best enjoyed after The Singing, Wilde Grove series, but can be enjoyed at any time


514 pages.



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Selena Wilde grew up walking the worlds, ritual and magick at her fingertips. 


Lady of the Grove

Lady of the Forest

Lady of life and death.

But then the wind came calling                                                              and the flow of Selena’s purpose led her to a new land, new people, and the necessity of forming a deep bond with both.

How to be a beacon in a new land,                                                   where the Fae don’t know you,                                                               the land isn’t where you’ve spent your life walking,                     the forest is a city,                                                                                         and your purpose asks much of you?  

Meet Selena Wilde, priestess of the ancient path, seer and spirit keeper. If you like mythology, magick, and spirituality, and have ever wondered what’s behind the veil to the Otherworld, you’ll love the Wilde Grove books.

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2 reviews for Follow The Wind (Selena Wilde Book 1) Ebook

  1. Liz

    I love this series as much as I do the Wilde Grove series! The characters and story line just draw you in.

  2. Brigid

    Some of the best books I’ve read, along the lines of The Wheel of Time.
    Katherine has written these in such a way as to not only transport us to other times and places, and states of being, but to guide us in our own journey in a very practical way.
    She has a wonderful way of making the characters feel very real and relatable.
    They are not just novels but handbooks for life.

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