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With these healing group journeys, Katherine is pleased to return to a service she used to perform several years ago.

It is a shamanic journey which Kate performs in trance, meeting the spirits of participants at a place she names the Isle of Healing, where you celebrate and dance together, and Kate does a short individual visioning for each person, which includes insight and messages for you to integrate into your life. Since you join Kate at the island by flying there on the wings of your spirit bird kin, you will also gain knowledge of who this kin may be, or who has their own message for you.

Groups are kept small for individual attention. If you purchase a place in the group for a friend, you must  put their name and email address in the note section in the checkout, so that Kate may contact them and get their permission.



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Note from Katherine:

Hello everyone! This is not an in-person or zoom meeting. Time zones don't matter. By enrolling, you are ensuring that your energetic self will meet with me in the Otherworlds for healing.

We meet in spirit, flying on the wings of our bird kin across a wide and flat ocean at that liminal time of day when the sun is setting, and the moon rises. We come together on the soft sands of a crescent beach and shake off our feathers, giving thanks to our kin for them.

Now we are priestesses and priests, shining spirits, and a small proud boat awaits us, its bow a giant carved hawk - for Hawk is my own kin. Once aboard, the boat floats us across the darkening ocean to the Isle of Healing, and we climb the rocky steps up to the centre of the island, there to dance in celebration and joy within the circle of stones, and under the protective branches of Grandmother Oak.

We bring our offerings, our loves, and our fears, and come together for healing. I spend a little time with each of you under the light of the moon through the branches of Grandmother Oak, and see what your spirit wants to be seen, and clear heaviness, initiate healing. We are blessed together in our ritual.

When we have danced and done whatever it is that our spirits call for, we retrace our steps, enter once more the boat, and disembark at the crescent beach, there to put on our wings once more and fly home across the wide calm ocean.


You need do nothing special during the time of the healing, although you may wish to spend some time on the day of/before in quiet contemplation and openness of healing.

Afterwards you will receive a vivid and experiential account of the healing which will help in manifesting the changes within you. I've found that many times the information that comes through in the healing is both timely and impactful.

I'll send you the account in writing, and also as a voice recording, which may also be listened to as a pathworking (guided visualisation).

Our group healing journey:

  • clears your energy and lets you move through your days lighter and brighter of spirit
  • makes you aware of blockages or limits that are affecting you
  • brings you together with others in celebration and connection
  • provides you with guidance

Places are limited - enrollment opens according to my schedule, generally at least once a month, so if sold out, put your name down on the waiting list and check each week for an email from me with details of our travelling. Healing journeys are done on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 10am (approximately) New Zealand time.


3 reviews for Group Healing Journey

  1. Ana Luís

    Dear Kate, I can’t thank you enough! My trip to the Isle of Healing was breathtaking. And the after-effects, almost a week on and I can still feel them.
    I’m trying to get to know this other kin animal, but one that relates to me so much. And the Spirit that accompanied me is a very special one for me. I’m getting to know and integrate all these new aspects of me, into me.
    Your voice is very warm and intertwines with the journey. It takes me so far, to beautiful places.
    Thank you so much for the experience you’ve given me, thank you so much for the learning and the blessings. Thank you for this special peace and Thank you for this feeling inside me that nourishes me every day.

  2. Nina

    I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with you. It truly was a blessing. I loved reading the description you sent, and I am grateful to have the text as a physical reference. The audio was truly a magical experience. It was transportive. The journey had such a profound effect on me. It brought me so much clarity. I was able to recognize the meanings of all the revelations so clearly and deeply. I admit it has changed how I now see my journey in this life. I truly hope to have the opportunity to travel with you again soon. It was a wonderfully inspirational experience.

  3. Sandi (verified owner)

    Well, having been fortunate enough to journey with you to the Isle of Healing today, I’m enthused to work more with what came up. Thanks so much Kate for such an in depth path working and healing experience…… I now know my bird kin…. Which was quite a surprise ….. so I ‘followed the thread’ and investigated all afternoon re my bird kin, my mirror offering and also the soul aspect who stood behind me while you poured healing waters….

    Looking forward to listening to the audio later tonight….

    I’m going to take ages to fully integrate all the threads and aspects that came up… I’m so ready to delve deep! ❤️️‍♀️

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