The Belonging (Wilde Grove Book 2) Paperback

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A month to decide whether to follow the ancient path.

In Wilde Grove, the wheel is turning, and the veil between the worlds is thinning.

Having had just a few weeks to decide whether to take up the mantle of her inheritance in Wilde Grove, Erin is now beginning her training in the ways of magic and walking the path of the old gods.

Her family thinks she’s crazy. Her family thinks Wilde Grove is a cult.

But Erin is discovering that magic is real, and learning to control it will be the difference between rescuing her own past self stuck in a desperate initiation, or being doomed to live there too.

And then there’s the mess the present world is in – where does magic fit there?

Can something so ancient and wild actually be the answer?

The Belonging is book 2 in the Wilde Grove series and follows on from The Gathering.

473 pages.

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1 review for The Belonging (Wilde Grove Book 2) Paperback

  1. Brigid

    Some of the best books I’ve read, along the lines of The Wheel of Time.
    Katherine has written these in such a way as to not only transport us to other times and places, and states of being, but to guide us in our own journey in a very practical way.
    She has a wonderful way of making the characters feel very real and relatable.
    They are not just novels but handbooks for life.

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