The Gathering (Wilde Grove Book I) Ebook

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The veil between the worlds is shredding. The old gods are calling.

Erin inherits a cottage in a remote village from a grandmother she’s never met. Considering how much she longs to get away from the unexciting life stretching out in front of her, this might be a dream come true.

Except that it’s a village full of witches and Druids practicing an ancient religion passed down through the centuries, and the priestess leading it is the calm, uncanny death worker Morghan Wilde.

Life is different in Wilde Grove, with ownership of the cottage coming with a non-negotiable condition, and it’s one Erin’s not sure she can meet, or even if she should. She must choose to believe in the unbelievable – and then learn how to do magic too. Only then will she be able to claim her inheritance.

It’s an inheritance that is so much more than a cottage in the woods.

Coming from a world that doesn’t believe in magic, can she change her mind in time to claim her true identity and begin walking the path of her ancient ancestors?

528 pages.



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There is more than the one world. 


What if…

Magic is real?

What if…

The Fae are real?

What if…

You were tasked with following the ancient path into the Wildwood, into the Otherworld?

Would you go? Would you believe?

What if you had  to decide to answer the call of the ancient gods and be part of  WILDE GROVE? 


If you like mythology, magic, and spirituality, and have ever wondered what’s behind the veil to the Otherworld, you’ll love the Wilde Grove books.

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11 reviews for The Gathering (Wilde Grove Book I) Ebook

  1. Gwenda Spencer

    Just finished “The Gathering”, an incredible book. For two years, after cancer diagnosis, I have been in a reading slump, until I discovered this wonderful, interesting series. Thank you Katherine for getting my life back on track. Starting the second book today.

  2. Jenny

    I have read all the wild grove book on ebooks but now I want the actual books to keep in my library, these books have given me a new perspective on life, thank you so much.

  3. Jenny

    I have read all the wild grove book on ebooks but now I want the actual books to keep in my library, these books have given me a new perspective on life, thank you so much.

  4. Ana Luís

    I reached a point in my life when I knew there was going to be change. An illness forced me to stop everything. And everything stopped. I always knew there was a path for me to follow, but I didn’t know what, or when, or how. Until I read “The Gathering”. The changes I’d been waiting for started to happen, like domino pieces, appearing one after the other. All pointing in the same direction. Katherine’s books are Soul Maps. Her characters road companions. Wilde Grove became my home and the torchlight for my learning.

  5. Liz Greski

    This first book in the Wilde Grove series is so good! Katherine’s writing is beautiful; I’m transported to Wellsford when reading. Such fantastic characters and the story . I’m re-reading while I wait for her newest book. I can’t recommend these books enough!

  6. Alison murray

    I read the entire book in 2 days! I love all the characters and the concept, another world where we can meet up with like minded people and other worldly creatures. A village on this side of the veil where most of the residents are spiritual and decent human beings. I honestly can’t put into words how much I love this series!

  7. Val

    Wonderful series that left me very thoughtful and even more aware of my surroundings. I love the world and characters the author has created; when I read their stories, I feel like I’m right there, sitting in a cozy cottage kitchen or walking in the forest beside them. Definitely recommend!

  8. Val

    The first book of a wonderful series that will leave the reader very thoughtful. I’ve always been aware of “otherness”, and these books tied things together for me. Even though the stories are fiction, I believe the bits of spirit and magic are very real. When I read about the world and characters Katherine has created, I am right there, sitting in their cottage kitchen with tea and biscuits. The Wilde Grove is a place of comfort, like being wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking a rich hot chocolate while sitting in huge comfy chair in front of a warm fire.

  9. Jul

    The Gathering began a wonderful journey for me. I have listened to it a couple of times and have found more gems within her writing each time. Ms. Genet opens up new worlds for you to explore with this series. Love it.

  10. Daisy Jane Le Faye

    This series touched my very Soul and showed me that what I had been experiencing in my own life was real. These books showed me that I’m never alone in this world. What started as a story to entertain me became a sort of map of understanding, a guidebook to my own evolution as a spiritual being.

  11. Brigid

    Some of the best books I’ve read, along the lines of The Wheel of Time.
    Katherine has written these in such a way as to not only transport us to other times and places, and states of being, but to guide us in our own journey in a very practical way.
    She has a wonderful way of making the characters feel very real and relatable.
    They are not just novels but handbooks for life.

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