The Threading (Wilde Grove Branches) Paperback

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This is for all you collectors who would like this bonus novella to grace your shelves in its own matching paperback.

PLEASE NOTE: THE THREADING IS AVAILABLE FREE IN THE BACK OF FOLLOW THE WIND. You do not have to buy this copy to read it – if you have purchased Follow The Wind, you will already have this story in your collection.

A new era is ushered in. 

Selena has left for New Zealand, and Morghan must take over the leadership of Wilde Grove. Reluctantly, she moves with her family into Hawthorn House, but faces pressure from all quarters to make changes, now that she is Lady of the Grove.

But what changes? Morghan is happy with how things are and have always been. Surely there isn’t more that she could be doing, and especially not to bring the teachings of Wilde Grove out into the community as Grainne longs for her to.

Morghan has distinct talents, but they don’t really have a worldly application, do they?

Novella ~ 140 pages



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1 review for The Threading (Wilde Grove Branches) Paperback

  1. Brigid

    Some of the best books I’ve read, along the lines of The Wheel of Time.
    Katherine has written these in such a way as to not only transport us to other times and places, and states of being, but to guide us in our own journey in a very practical way.
    She has a wonderful way of making the characters feel very real and relatable.
    They are not just novels but handbooks for life.

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