May 6, 2023

Song and Spirit


Spirit has many mouthpieces in which it can communicate with us in the ordinary realm and song is one of them. Spirit is one of those words that can mean many things and song is something that can take many forms. So, I wish to be very clear by what I mean “Spirit” and “Song “to be, from my humble perspective as a song writer.

 Spirit is the great throbbing potentiality we can call life. It is the space in between, the dimension that holds us, creates us. We are part of it and all things spring from its rich emptiness. It loves, it creates, it lives. It is mystery, awe, wonder, love and wisdom. All creation springs from this seat of potentiality. It Is.

Song is a story created by melody, harmonic sound, and rhythm. It expresses life, love, loss, and wisdom in all its beautiful and difficult complexity. Sometimes it takes us into the heart of something and is cathartic. Sometimes song imparts understanding and raises us up. Sometimes it is funny, ridiculous, sad, heartwarming, or tender. Song has a shamanic capacity to deliver deeply and to create seeing through a new lens. It is a reflection in impermanent yet complex form of our lives, our losses, and our humanity.

 As a song writer I am drawn to using song as a vehicle for raising us up, for understanding something beyond the ordinary, to help us connect better with spirit so that we may live better and  live well.

I wish to share two songs with you: one which stands in completion. It took flight last year out into the world. The second is a song which is still only lyrics – with a melody in my head.

 Song One: Shape of Water

 This song is about the qualities we need to develop in this world to not just survive but thrive and live wisely and well. If we listen deep within ourselves to spirit, we know what we must do to grow. We need to develop resilience of mind, the ability to flex and flow, to love, listen, watch, be still, innovate and hold our power with all grace and meaning and strength in the world. If we can do this we will create a better world and live well despite the pitfalls of life that we all come across.


 Take on the shape of water

Resilience held in flow

And flow where we are meant to go

Through life’s manifest will.


 We’ll only know by listening

To the Whispers deep within

We’ll only know by watching

The patterns as they fall

And we’ll only know by loving

The deepest truth of all.


 Hold our own power

Hold it deep within

A certainty gained in silence

A quiet knowing still.



Time to innovate

A better way ahead

Life held in fairness

For the many not the few

And time for all our loving

From me to you, and you and you and you.

You can listen to it here on Spotify(But please listen on good speakers not just a phone as some of the sounds are subtle!)

Second Song

 The next song is about love. Love is spirit in the form of emotion.  It is not attachment / greedy love: but love that is caring, deep, tender and creates care and tenderness. Love wraps around and through our lives and is perhaps the  very stuff that we are made from. So here is a a song about Love.

The Solicitude of Care


A golden fanfare in your heart

Or a quiet hum of care

To Love is not a wanting

But the quiet solicitude of care


Hold my heart, O so gently

Like a flower in your hand

Let it not be torn or broken

But held with respect and care.


To Love is to see the beauty

Of each others iridescent souls

A wish just to cherish

With the solicitude of care.



Loving is not a yearning

But a giving through and through

The creation of a living harmony

Allowing Being and who we are. 

Instrumental break


So let us hold our hands in loving

In the quiet solicitude of care

A flower of eternal beauty

That can be shared everywhere.

Abi was raised in a family of international musicians in the wilds of the Yorkshire dales, UK. She later met her husband running a Tibetan buddhist centre. They married and have raised two boys in north east Scotland where Abi is a holistic music teacher. She started songwriting in her forties and her work combines her love of nature, her spiritual journeying and a love of humanity. She blends genres and takes a shamanistic approach to songwriting. Although little known, her work has received excellent reviews. Her work can be found online through her band name ; Karuna.

 She is currently looking for instrumentalists to collaborate with, particularly a guitarist- so she is open to anyone who wishes to connect up  with this in mind.

 Links to her work and social media:

Spotify, YouTube

 Abi’s blog: An Accidental Songwriter, Moors, Music and Meditation.

 Instagram : abi.songwriter

 Twitter: @TowleAbi


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  1. Brigid

    So beautiful ❤️

  2. Abi Rooley-Towle

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity Katherine

  3. Becky

    So beautiful Abi – and how wonderful to link up with Katherine ????

  4. Randolph Jackson

    Your words, thoughts about song is relative to how I feel about sound as through a wood flute.
    The Native American flute gives expression for the briefest moment as while hiking in the woods. I am always surprised how hikers respond to this sound, it is beautiful.
    Thank you for your words❤

    • Katherine Genet

      The Native American flute is a lovely instrument. Valerie (my wife) plays one on occasion and it’s absolutely lovely.


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