January 14, 2023

Tap Into Your Intuition


Let me start off by saying that I am an energy reader. I’ve always been an energy reader. But I haven’t always known it (or necessarily known what the heck that even means).
Most people interpret the world around them using the five senses- sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. That’s what we’re taught starting from a young age, and most of us don’t question it. However, many people also have a strong intuition or “sixth sense” that comes from within.

When we perceive things with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth or hands, we don’t usually think about it, it’s just second nature. For example, you might look outside at the pretty view, but not necessarily think “I am seeing this with my eyes and processing it with my brain”. This is typically the way intuition works, as well. It’s generally something that occurs without fanfare and/or linear time. It just is.

For many, it’s an inner feeling, a knowing, that can’t always be explained. This sense is something I recognize, now, as being ever-present in my life. It manifested as “feeling” people’s deeper, hidden emotions, and the spirits that inhabited my childhood home, and “seeing” the life force energy in nature.

As a child, I “knew” when I was being watched and “felt” when someone was standing directly behind me while alone in my basement. I could “see” little, magical rainbows all around the plants and tree leaves in the spring- and summertime. I would get a tingle in my chest like I was about to cry when I could “feel” the people around me were upset, regardless of how they seemed on the outside.

When these types of things are an inherent part of how you experience the world, you don’t tend to question it. I assumed everyone saw rainbows around plants, had ghosts in their basements, and knew when people were feeling sad. Childhood, for me, was a time of being taught that my imagination was at fault for all my “silly ideas”. And there was nothing I hated more as a child than to be thought of as “childish”. So, I learned to close my eyes to the magical world around me and pretend it wasn’t there.

But pretend as I might, the inherent “knowing” still existed underneath rationale. It wasn’t loud or boisterous. It didn’t look or act a certain way. It was more of a low hum that held the world together. Again, an inherent part of how I experienced the world. But not one I would realize until I was in my early twenties working part-time as a bartender.

I mostly loved bartending. It allowed me to be involved in the fun without fully taking part in it, and it kept a physical boundary (the bar itself) between me and everyone else. I noticed, however, that once people started drinking, even if I knew them well, I would feel extremely uncomfortable with them. It felt like I was interacting with them minus one of my senses. It was as if they became unfamiliar and far away-feeling.

And, essentially, that was exactly what was happening. To me, the more alcohol people drank, the fuzzier their energy became. As a result, I became pretty quick to cut people off. It earned me a not-so-nice nickname amongst my patrons modeled after the Seinfeld character Yev Kassem, only substituting the word “soup” for “beer”.

“It’s all in your imagination”

So, actually, yes and no. Now, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. In fact, research for this particular article came back with a few theories that ran the gamut from neurology to psychology to philosophy, but all theories none-the-less.

What I do know is how I, specifically, process my intuitive experiences and “read energy”. I, like a lot of people, am very visually imaginative. For example, when engrossed in a book, my brain enters the relaxed but focused alpha state. My imagination paints a rich, moving tapestry of the story I am reading. What I see with my eyes is black letters on a white background. But what I experience in my imagination is the setting, characters, season, even scents and feelings depicted by the author.

This is almost exactly how I, and many others, process intuitive information- like a moving picture in the imagination. The more difficult part is to trust it, which usually comes with time and patience. When people ask me how to better develop their intuition, the advice I give is to 1) Read to strengthen the imagination, 2) Meditate as a way to self-guide the imagination through thoughts and ideas, and 3) Have faith in yourself.
(Reading, prayer and meditation, and REM sleep are all activities that normally occur during alpha wave state. Learn more fascinating info on brain waves at https://nhahealth.com/brainwaves-the-language/)

To break it all down, I wasn’t seeing or feeling ghosts or plants or other people’s emotions. I was simply “reading” (or sensing, feeling or otherwise intuitively “knowing”) the energies around me. And, I’ve found, the more people I talk to that ask me about it, the more they realize that they have similar abilities. Being able to read energy is not uncommon. Most people do, even if they don’t consciously realize it. But once they do, they understand. Before we could read, letters were just symbols that made no sense. But now, we see letters and can’t help but see the words they create. Like learning to read, once you understand how you interpret the energies around you, you’ll experience reality from a whole new perspective, World to World to World.

It’s funny,’ she said. ‘It’s not like real seeing, is it? It’s kind of…’ she floundered, trying to hold onto it. 

‘It’s like a seeing and a knowing at once,’ Stephan said, looking at the garden, his plants, seeing their bright spirits glowing softly in the light. 

‘It’s like a muscle you need to work,’ Morghan agreed. ‘Which is what ou must do, several times a day, every day, until you can do it at just a thought.’ She smiled. ‘It is another way of walking the worlds.’ 

Erin, Stephan, Winsome, and Morghan, The Singing, Ch 14


Kalinah is a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, and founder of River Grove Wellness. She’s our new regular contributor here at Wildsom of the Wildwood.

Her website is www.RiverGroveWellness.com
Insta @RiverGroveWellness
Twitch www.twitch.tv/KalinahRGW

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