The Gathering Paperback (Wilde Grove Book 1)

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The veil between the worlds is shredding. The old gods are calling.

Erin inherits a cottage in a remote village from a grandmother she’s never met.

A village full of witches and Druids.

But ownership of the cottage comes with a non-negotiable condition, and it’s one Erin’s not sure she can meet. Coming from a world that doesn’t believe in magic, can she change her mind in time to survive initiation and walk the path of her ancient ancestors?

Book 1 in the Wilde Grove Series

582 pages.


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5 reviews for The Gathering Paperback (Wilde Grove Book 1)

  1. Susan

    From the very first page, I felt deep embrace and a welcoming. Katherine writes from her knowing. I find I am home. Truly elegantly written with reverence and honor. I feel kin with these characters. What blessings indeed.

  2. Susan

    This treasure of a book ignited my love of this series. Expertly written with devotion to detail and tradition, with reverence to the sacred singing woven within this real world. Genet neither forces a perspective nor withers from leading us deeper into our true nature as kin to all life. She reminds us of our divine duty to care and help during such dark times we are in. The timely parallels to COVID19 and the real science base approach that Morghan & Ambrose design to keep the village safe uncannily mirrors current times. Ive fallen in love with these characters and Genet’s plot arcs!!

  3. Patricia

    You don’t read Katherine’s The Gathering, you slip inside and live alongside the characters, and when it comes to its inevitable end, it’s like leaving family and friends. Yearning to go back and live alongside them once more.

  4. Shirley

    I have read this book 4 times now. I absolutely loved it. Katherine has a way of making you feel part of the Wildgrove community, you actually feel like you are there. Not only is this book a great read but it teaches you to be open to all possibilities, that the world is not only what you see around you, but so much more. Definitely a book to read and re-read. Thank you so much Katherine for sharing your path of life with us. x

  5. Ana Luís

    I Loved to read this book! So simple! So true! Bonds so naturally present. All we just need is be aware, open up and listen! I need so much more of this in my life!
    And I’ve just found the MOST Wonderful teacher Thank you so much Katherine Genet for your caring and sharing and for “leaking the truth” on your books.
    Thank You for taking me back Home!

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