December 14, 2022

Antlered Path Podcast


It was such a pleasure for my first time being a guest on a podcast talking about the Wilde Grove books, to be able to chat with the lovely Hilary Campbell of Antlered Path. We are both Priestess of Elen, and we were delighted to explore the idea of living your magic and viewing magic as inextricably part of self and perspective.

Hilary and I have a lot in common in the way we practice, particularly with journeying, and witch-walking, so we easily found common ground.

This episode was just a short chat – we had a lot of bother coordinating our schedules, especially with being on opposite sides of the world from each other – 13 hour time difference! Not to mention back to front seasons from each other. But we made it in the end, figured everything out, and are now planning to get together in the new year for a longer, more in-depth chat on subjects close to the hearts of both of us.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our conversation!

The Antlered Path podcast is an invocation of sacred space to creatively explore topics linked to Nature based spirituality, oracles, the wise woman path and occasional interviews with guests. All with collaborative input from our spirit allies and teachers such as Elen of the Ways and other Celtic deities and archetypes. Hilary Campbell is a Priestess of Elen of the Ways and teacher of Intuitive Witchcraft, Shamanic Practices and the creator of the Wild Wheel of Elen, year long devotional course for women. She is also a Resilience Practitioner and a passionate advocate for trees!

The podcast is dedicated to land, to the antlered path, Elen of the Ways and rewilding spirituality.
Here are links to the three main platforms it can be found on –
Anchor FM is the home site and is here:

I hope this will not only be the first of several conversations between Hilary and I, but the first guest interview of many on a variety of podcasts. I love listening to podcasts, so I’ll be looking for more to approach. If you have a favourite that might be suitable, do comment and let me know!

And if you can, consider buying Hilary a coffee, or treating yourself to one of her offerings over at

She’s wanting to invest in some better podcasting equipment sooner rather than later. I’d love to see the Antlered Path Podcast thrive – so if you enjoy it, support her, share the podcast links with a friend, and we will be back chatting to each other again soon.

Katherine Genet is the author of the Wilde Grove mythic/visionary fiction series, as well as complementary non-fiction. She has been walking a pagan path for 30 years and is a shamanic Druid, spirit worker, and priestess of  Elen of the Ways.

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