March 6, 2021

The Copper Kettle Bliss Ball recipe – from The Gathering


The Copper Kettle Bliss Ball recipe – from The Gathering

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About this Recipe!

Wish you could pop into The Copper Kettle and grab some of these delicious treats? (For those of you who haven’t read far enough – these are sold at The Copper Kettle, and they’re a favourite throughout the village).

Now you can make your own! They’re grain-free, vegan (if you leave out the chocolate chips), and full of protein to keep you going. 

I make these all the time, and this is my own recipe. Enjoy!




Ready In:


Good For:



  • 1 cup ground almonds
  • 200-250g dates
  • 1- 1 1/4 cups shredded coconut
  • 1/4 cup dried cherries & berries, or cranberries, or whatever takes your fancy!
  • 1/2 – 1 cup walnuts
  • 3 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2tbsp chocolate chips (totally optional!)
  • 3-5 tbsp (approx) virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil.  

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Pop ground almonds and dates into a food processor and process until they’re mixed to large crumbs. 

Step 2

Add everything but the coconut oil to the almond & date mixture and blend to combine, again into crumbs. 

Step 3

Melt coconut oil on stove or in microwave and add to ingredients in processor. Process to mix. 

Step 4

Dump mixture into a large ball and roll into balls. Roll balls in extra coconut to make them pretty!

Step 5

If you’ve used too much coconut oil, pop mixture or balls into fridge to cool and solidify. 


You can pretty much do any taste combination! Change up what dried fruit you use (not the dates, though, they’re what sticks it all together) and try different flavours. Apricot ones are amazing – leave out the cacao, add a little more coconut, and a handful of dried apricots as your dried fruit.

You can also add mint essence to make minty balls –  they’re yum – and orange essence is nice too.

I’ve never made a batch the same, mostly because I tend not to measure anything but the ground almonds and the dates. So, the measurements are approximate, but should work just fine.

Please note – these are pretty fattening when eaten in large quantities, especially the more walnuts you put in them. The almonds are great, but those walnuts! I make them as high protein snacks to keep us going. Recommended serving size (yes, I know they’re delicious – I could easily eat four at a time…) – 2 balls, 3 if you’re greedy! But, having said that, we eat them a couple times a day at our place…They’re brilliant too, if you’re out and about and get a bit hungry on the go. 

Pro tip: if you drink coffee, keep the coffee bags when they’re empty, and when you’re going out, pop a couple balls in the bag to take with you. The little bit of left over grounds in the bottom of the bag make them omg amazing.

Winsome flung Morghan a sideways look, but finished making the tea. Her hands shook only slightly. There was a fresh packet of chocolate digestives in the cupboard and Winsome took them down, wincing inwardly. It was the last of her little stockpile, and that was probably a good thing. An extra layer of flesh under her cassock might keep her warm during the coming winter, but so too would a pair of long johns. And be better for her. She’d have to start buying some of Simon Wishall’s bliss balls. Delicious and good for the waistline. Plus it would be buying local and handmade. She sighed.

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    Can you post or send me the ingredients for the Grounding Tea please. I would love to make some. I think it was in the first book. But daughter has that book. Blessings


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